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NFT Integrity Officers 

The NFT Integrity Officers are there to ensure that there is a direct line of communication between NFT Auditors and the NFT owner, or owner’s agent. 

The NFT Integrity Officers answer any questions either party may have, facilitates transfers and ensures preservation of legal rights, assists in curating the NFT, assists in any further reports that may be required for on-sales etc.

The NFT Integrity Officers can be contacted at: [email protected].

Adam Craker

Adam is the CEO at IQbusiness, the largest independent management and technology consulting firm in South Africa.  Adam joined IQbusiness in 2009 and became CEO in 2010.  Under his leadership, IQbusiness has grown both organically and through acquisition to a team of over 1,000 living its purpose to grow people, grow business and grow Africa.

As part of the IQbusiness ethos to drive performance with purpose, Adam is an ardent lobbyist for government and business collaboration and most recently, the SAtion and the COBRA (Covid Business Rescue Assistance) social enterprises. Adam is the CEO of both SAtion (NPC) and COBRA (NPC), each with independent Boards.  

SAtion is a multifaceted national ecosystem, established by Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), with IQbusiness as the Enabling Partner, that focuses on facilitating the digitaliSAtion workstreams of the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan. SAtion ( works in collaboration with partners to ensure the rapid implementation, outcomes, and impact of the national initiatives towards South Africa’s digital economy.

COBRA was conceptualised and initiated by IQbusiness, Schindlers Attorneys, Sirdar Group and Engaged Business Turnaround and the COBRA Consortium was formed on the same day, 19 March 2020.   COBRA was established with a shared value proposition to South African businesses to co-ordinate bank, government and stakeholder engagement through a structured business support process.

Maurice Crespi

Maurice studied a BA LLB at Rhodes and HDip company Law at Wits. He is currently deep learning Machine Learning at Stanford University, Unity Development at UC San Diego, Crypto/Blockchain at Princeton and Mixed Reality at the University of London.

Maurice joined Schindlers Attorneys in October 1997 and became a partner of the firm in December 1998. Maurice is an experienced legal practitioner with a sound knowledge of South African commercial, property, labour, tax and corporate law. He is a highly experienced and established litigation attorney with several reported judgments in both the Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court.

Maurice heads a team of 18 professionals at Schindlers Attorneys and is the Chief Executive Officer of Schindlers innovations. He regularly provides guidance to boards of companies, both public and private, and he gives lectures on recent developments in commercial law. He is also a qualified Court-Aligned and Commercial Mediator.

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