Nelson Mandela's Warrant of Arrest
for Treason - 1961 NFT

About the Sketch

Tribute to Mandela 2016

Sketch in pencil. 1000mm x 720mm.

The symbolism that forms part of this drawing and Nelson Mandela’s shirt includes the Australopicus nelsonmandelai, a prehistoric woodpecker located in South Africa, Orchid Paravanda Nelson Mandela and the Strelitzia retinae ‘Mandela’s Gold’
All named after Nelson Mandela.

About the Artist

Megan Bester 

Megan Bester is a South African Artist. 

Her creative expression and passion for art has been a part of my world from a very young age. I find tremendous enjoyment and delight coming up with original ideas in partnership with my clients. These portray life experiences with thought provoking, quirky symbolism, touches of colour and line in my sketches, mixed media canvases and prints. 

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